About Us

Accelerant Sales Group is the world leader in end-to- end sales outsourcing services

Celebrating 19 Years In Business


Experience Speaks for Itself

Accelerant Sales Group has perfected the process of sales outsourcing which is called the Accelerant Advantage TM . Our process allows companies to minimize the time and effort it takes to start a sales outsourcing engagement. Everything from initial onboarding, business planning to launching your sales initiative is included in your turn-key engagement with Accelerant Sales Group.

Our industry proven best practices have grown sales for clients totaling tens-of- millions of dollars in net new sales since our founding in 2001. We live by the mantra that if you are not profitable and successful, we are not successful, so our attention to every detail and execution on our commitments is paramount.

Accelerant Is the World’s Top Technology Focused Sales Outsourcing Company. Industry leading companies have trusted accelerant to be their partner for regional, verticalized and global sales initiatives. Our proven processes and dedication to high activity levels and execution make us your best choice as a sales partner.

About Our Company