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Is sales outsourcing right for my company?
Sales outsourcing is a very effective solution for companies ranging from very small up to major corporations. Accelerant offers, at no charge, a free consultation on what type of sales outsourcing approach is right for you. This makes it a risk free option for you to consider when you would like to grow sales for your company.
What can ASG do for my company?
Our team of highly trained, professional sales people focus on high technology product and service lines. These efforts ensure effective product delivery to and the retention of target customers within specified territories. ASG efficiently brings forth all of the services that a traditional sales agency or manufacturer’s representative firm is known to provide. Accelerant Sales Group offers domestic and international programs to meet the needs of their clients.
What about solutions consulting and product expertise?
Accelerant Sales Group is staffed with not only senior sales managers, account executives and telemarketing professionals, we also offer senior solution consultants for client events and client discovery calls, meetings and webexes. We also can work as the sales team interfacing with your product manager and internal solution consultants to close the sales with clients.
Is sales outsourcing free?
No, sales outsourcing is not free. As in any other high-quality, professional service, there is a time and financial commitment to the partnership with Accelerant Sales Group. Accelerant allows firms to start with a nominal commitment and scale up as sales are closed and business grows within our agreed upon sales territory and market.
How do I get started?
By filling out the contact request form, Accelerant Sales Group will have a highly trained senior client advisor contact you. This will involve a two way discovery discussion and an alignment for the perfect sales outsourcing solution for your company and permanent sales success.