Why Outsource?

Outsourcing remains a hot topic for business around the world, principally because of its ability to significantly reduce operating expenses by 25% to 60%. Companies, both large and small, should consider outsourcing particularly for activities that are not required to be located on site. Source: North American Outsourcing Market Report

Accelerant focuses on several key vertical markets, including, healthcare, banking, finance, manufacturing, retail, government, and higher education.

Accelerant Sales Group focuses on representing companies that produce solutions in, healthcare software, calibration management, quality management, ERP, computer telephony, convergence technologies, speech recognition, e-sourcing software, time and attendance, Java, iOS, Ruby, SAP, laser solutions, retail start up marketing among other areas. ASG’s preferred customer base is in the area covering products and services sold into end users, VARs dealers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Within these end users, dealers and OEMs there will be various decision makers depending on what product type is being delivered.

Technical manufacturing companies have several different channels through which they are able to sell their products or services to customers (OEMs/end user). (Research from the American Management Association) The following models represent how different company structures call for different sales force models.

Manufacturer’s Representative Example

  • Technical Systems and components
  • $100 million annual sales
  • 32 geographically exclusive reps
  • Strong specification program

Manufacturer’s Representative Industrial Distributor Example

  • Networking processors and products
  • $80 million annual sales
  • 6 field regional sales managers
  • 25 reps: dist support plus. Bypass dist with select large users and OEMs.
  • 200 distributors: Small OEMs and end users
  • 1,000 OEMs, 50% of sales
  • 10,000 users, 50%